Racine Carrée

Eau de Parfum
115 €

Mood : Robust and Serene

Woody – Aromatic – Iris

A woody, powdery mathematical formula, composed of a bouquet of vetiver root, iris, licorice and cypriol. Surprisingly quirky celery reinforces the aromatic flank of this classic yet ultra-contemporary fragrance.
Olfactory atmosphere

Carrot, Celery, Roman Chamomile

Clary Sage, Iris, Licorice

Cypriol, Vetiver, Ambrox

“Some roots have a soul, I imagined their fragrance.”
What a wonderful underworld! The peacefulness of a territory unspoiled by humanity. The formidable sensory intelligence of roots, benevolent - they never fight - and yet endowed with unstoppable strength.

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A unique, highly recognizable olfactive signature. Love it!


This fragrance is a stroll I take near my home, a moment of relaxation and serenity.


The smell of earth on a spring morning, my parents' vegetable garden: a beautiful journey...

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