Eau de Parfum
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Mood : Cosy & regressive

Gourmand – Woody

An addictive & generous fragrance that celebrates the delights of homemade baking. Brioche blows a warm, gourmand whiff of pastry freshly out of the oven. Crystallizing honey adds depth and longevity. Wheat bran offers cereal facets supplemented with sandalwood, hay, and buttery notes.
Olfactory atmosphere

Butter Croissant & Brioche Accord

Honey, Tonka bean, Wheat bran absolute

Sandalwood & Hay

“I envisioned a chubby brioche coming out of the oven with the little imperfections that I believe give it its uniqueness and value.”
Honey, Anatole's signature fetish, cheerfully shakes off dietary diktats. A debauchery of nectar, ambrosia and hydromel feeding a plethora of Greek gods.

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Brioche represents to me conviviality, making ready for family celebrations, mom busy in her kitchen, preparing desserts. It takes me back a few years, wanting some gourmand treats: it’s a very generous perfume.


A luxurious, pure butter pastry.


Smelling it, I remember a summer camp I went to when as a kid: on top of a hill, with the breakfast buffet and the view of the hay bales.

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