Fleur Cachée

Eau de Parfum
130 €

Mood : assionate and generous

Amber – Spicy – Vanilla

An inimitable, spicy, sirupy, woody signature. It's easy to forget, but before being a pod, it's a flower. This is vanilla, here deconstructed from every angle. A generous pinch of spices send this Hidden Flower undulating towards woody reliefs of sandalwood and cedar, finally resting on a luscious bed of vanilla and Peru balsam.
Olfactory atmosphere

Timur Pepper, Turmeric, Fenugreek

New Caledonia Sandalwood, Texas Cedarwood

Peru Balsam, Madagascar Vanilla

“I had fun imagining a vanilla conquistador: a native treasure captured by invaders, conquering the conqueror's world in its own way.”
The final, desperately passionate embrace of Totonac Princess Tzacopontziza and her lover, Prince Zkatan-Oxga, hidden away in the deep Mesoamerican forest. They will be found and sacrificed by those who did not accept their love. In the end - love always triumphs: The prince was turned into a liana, the princess into a pod. And the world won the vanilla.

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Fleur Cachée comforts me and transports me to faraway lands.


This fragrance evokes a faraway land where civilization has long since disappeared, populated only by an Amerindian tribe, and I'm taking part in a traditional festival.


When I wear it, it's like being wrapped in a warm blanket..

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