Eau de Parfum
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Mood : Sensual & indolent

Woody – Spicy – Amber

A fleeting zest of mandarin introduces a bouquet of aromatic herbs and sets the scene for the maquis. The picture deepens and warms under the scorching kisses of spicy, solar notes of immortelle, whose warm, enveloping facets are reinforced by honey and beeswax. Benzoin shed their amber and balsamic tears to complete the impression of sun-drenched vegetation.
Olfactory atmosphere

Corsican Juniper, Clary Sage, Mandarin

Fir Balsam, Honey, Rose, Carnation

Immortelle, Beeswax, Cedarwood, Benzoin.

“A sirocco of immortelle flowers that blows on the skin for hours.”
Beeswax and its sweet, animalic vibrancy. Like licked skin drying in the sun. Bois Lumière is a scent of sensual numbness, the libertine dream of a mischievous faun asleep in full sun.

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A chiaroscuro in a wooded room, the crackling of a fireplace and its reflections dancing on the carpet from where I daydream, gazing at the garden through the stained glass windows.


For me, this perfume is the burnt and roasted skin of a loved one. I remember spraying it on a cushion before sex.


It smells like the voluptuous warmth of home. Wearing it, I feel free to dream.

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