L’Eau Scandaleuse

Eau de Parfum
130 €

Mood : Extravagante & Drama-queen

Floral – Leather – Chypre

A fatal tuberose shamelessly reveals its peach-skinned flesh and dances with dark, animal leather. The two mingle around a teardrop of fruity liqueur, on a soft bed of moss.
Olfactory atmosphere

Bergamot, Peach, Davana

Tuberose, Ylang Ylang, Leather

Castoreum, Cypriol Nagarmotha, Oakmoss

“A carnal, intoxicating fragrance that goes too far. Scandalously badass.”
There's not only a drama effect here, but a whole perfume of frasques and eccentricity. An overdose of exuberance, in full awareness. A femme fatale storms into an artist's studio: brushes get tangled, clothes fall off and colors suddenly invade the canvas.

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A fragrance of assertive sensuality.


I fell under the spell of this atypical fragrance, a dueling duo of leather and flower. When I wear it, I feel fiercely sensual.


Leathery, animalic, boisterous, with a daring tuberose lounging in the middle. A wave of sensuality that carries me away.

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