Eau de Parfum
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Mood : Refined and self-confident

Floral – Powdery – Amber

A make-up accord (lipstick and vintage loose powder) in which the prominent iris gradually gives way to a rose, fruited by raspberry and powdered by violet. At the base, the amber richness of balms blends vanilla, benzoin and myrrh with a suede accord evoking the intimacy of make up accessories at the depths of a handbag.
Olfactory atmosphere

Raspberry, Violet, Rhododendron

Cosmetic Accord, Iris, Myrrh, Rose

Amber, Suede, Benzoin, Vanilla

“The cosmetic encounter while browsing through my mother's handbag. An ode to the wonders of make-up”
Rhododendron, a rarely used raw material, brings a touch of freshness to the top note, contrasting with the imposing amber accord in the base.

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The first time I smelled this perfume, I felt like I'd been transported to an ancient, mysterious boudoir.


The charm of vintage lipsticks and make-up fragrances, with a contemporary sense of sophistication and artistic freedom.


Incarnata reminds me of my aunt, who was a great coquette, and the satin linings of her evening bags.

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