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An addictive & generous fragrance that celebrates the delights of homemade baking. Brioche blows a warm, gourmand whiff of pastry freshly out of the oven. Crystallizing honey adds depth and longevity. Wheat bran offers cereal facets supplemented with sandalwood, hay, and buttery notes.

Eau de parfum – 50ml


Butter Croissant & Brioche Accord
Honey, Tonka bean, Wheat bran absolute
Sandalwood & Hay

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Anatole Lebreton

In the heart of green Provence, Anatole Lebreton creates unique perfumes that mirror his journey as an independent creative perfumer, off the beaten track. Imaginative and devoted to French tradition, he is keen to share his passion for beautiful scents and materials through handcrafted creations, in complete freedom.

Anatole Lebreton


to say what you think & do what you say Simple as that.


to live without compromise, to create wild, insolent explosions of singularity.


to redefine reality and re-enchant the world, with compassion and kindness.

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What they say…



It’s a magnificent fragrance, rich and complex. I was expecting a classic incense but not at all. You can smell the sacred church as well as mysterious nature.


Caribe Kiss

Joy in a bottle, fun that’s not intellectualized, indulgence that makes you feel good, protective armor against dullness… In short, this fragrance is pure comfort, gourmandise and hedonism. I feel wonderful when I wear it.


L’Eau Scandaleuse

I fell under the spell of this atypical fragrance, a dueling duo of leather and flower. When I wear it, I feel fiercely sensual.