Eau de Parfum
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Mood : Meditative & full of Confidence

Incense - spicy - aromatic

Representing the herb garden of a monastery, basil and lavender combine their aromatic freshness. Incense and moss depict the sacred, the elevation, the tranquility of the crypt and the minerality of the centuries-old walls, while patchouli and cedar are the books, paper witnesses and repositories of immemorial wisdom
Olfactory atmosphere

Bergamot, Basil, Lavander

Elemi, Incense, Sevillan Lavander, Atlas Cedarwood

Cumin, Patchouli, Moss & Musk

“When the body is left with the bare essentials, the spirit can rise up. Wisps of incense, aromatic herbs and the smell of skin create a mystical, spiritual atmosphere.”
Cumin that binds the mysteries of paper, stone, and skin under the cassock.

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I remember my childhood, those Sundays in church, and I feel serene.


A magnificent fragrance, rich and complex. I was expecting a classic incense but not at all. You can feel both the virtuous church and mysterious nature.


An austere, haunting fragrance that takes me on an inner journey, I love its aromatic notes, which are quite unusual for an incense.

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