L'Eau Guillerette

Eau de Parfum
115 €

Mood: Fresh and Uplifting

Floral - Citrus - Musk

L'Eau Guillerette begins almost like a Cologne, with sparkling citrus notes. Next come floral, green and musky effects, swirling around an exquisite bouquet of lily of the valley, lilac and heliotrope. The joyful promenade concludes with the softness of white musk
Olfactory atmosphere

Lemon, Bergamot

White Lilac, Lily of the valley

Heliotrope, White Musk

"A light and floral fragrance, fresh and aerial, crisp and crunchy. Full of carefree, springtime joy"
In the shade of a lemon tree, a young elven ingenue naps, languidly resting on a bed of lily of the valley, in a tender vibration of innocent freshness.

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Spring, a dreamt garden, lilacs, May. My teenage years Lilacs in bloom when I was watching the Cannes Film Festival on television.


Joy in a bottle.


I love its freshness and the joie de vivre it brings me.

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