Anatole Lebreton

Perfume designer



It’s more than a fragrance, it’s you!!



A gaping window lets in the smells coming from the fields and the garden of herbs. Some dust silently floats in the air illuminated by the reddening sun.Savant work with hermetic formulas, deliver your secrets perfumed by olibanum.


Bois Lumière

From the sea in the distance rises a dry and warm wind, a sirocco of immortelle that blows on the dreamy skin for hoursIt is a story of a tanned body and a blazing landscape, of dazzling light that flows like thick honey and spreads over a languid woodland.


L’Eau Scandaleuse

Like a dance, a fight, theflesh of the tuberose engages in a dance, or is it a duel ?, with the dry leather and they both stretch out onto a mossy bed. The animalic share in both mirror each other and intertwine in a bold and sensual embrace. A carnal, inebriating perfume, that is over the top, scandalously.



In the morning, it’s a sun salutation, a barefoot Empress in an exotic garden caressing the blooming ylang ylang. In the evening, it’s an Argentine tango, an aphrodisiac delicacy, fiery and terribly sensual. Will you succumb to the temptation?



A puff of bright powder on amber and vanilla taffetas.A line of rouge on the lips, an iridescent dash of raspberry over the cheeks, a flush of fresh flowers round the neckline and adorned she is.


L’Eau de Merzhin

A vegetal poem on a dry hay bed.

The perfume of a childhood spent running around in meadows, venturing through the deep mossy woods and the mysterious moors of the Breton countryside.