Unique Fragrances

for Unique People

Anatole Lebreton

           Parfumeur Créateur

Are you tired of fragrances that smell the same,

    and lack individuality, soul, and elegance?

Are you tired of following what fashion dictates?

Express your artistic flair

You deserve so much more than merely to smell good! You deserve to feel special and one-of-a-kind. You deserve to feel passion, extravagance, and freedom because you are a work of art!

The Luxury of Being Yourself

In the heart of Provence Verte, Anatole Lebreton crafts unique fragrances that reflect his journey off the beaten path as an independent perfumer. He is committed to sharing his passion with aficionados through original and bold perfumes, crafted by hand while freely perfecting every aspect of the creative process.

Most reviewed Perfumes


A mystical scent. Garden fragrances of lavender and basil first permeate the room. Ascending incense smoke makes the writing dance on an old book with golden leafing from eras past and corners yellowed from damp fingers.


The essence of a lively and sparkling Bulgarian rose marries with patchouli for a heart bursting with elegance. Jasmine adorns the pairing, accentuating its floral aura, and red cedar brings a velvety, woody aroma at the base. Fruity notes of pear and plum brighten the head.

L’Eau Scandaleuse

Tuberose petal blends in a dance with the dry skin of leather, each fighting to come out on top. Each scent’s animalist nature responds to and interlaces with the other, insolently yet sensually weaving together in this carnal and intoxicating perfume that is scandalously over-the-top.

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