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The map is not the territory

You may have read this excellent article on Fragrantica:The Map and the Territory This statement, "the map is not the territory", I have heard it before. It comes from a publication by Alfred Korzybski, creator of general semantics in the 1920s (I won't recommend it...

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A Vanilla Story

Did you know that most of the time, when you smell a vanilla fragrance, you’re not smelling real vanilla at all? Most of the time, you’re simply smelling one of the major molecules that make the vanilla scent: vanillin. And you're missing the complexity of the real...

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A Sandalwood Story

A few years ago, the supply of sandalwood really became a problem. The star of the warm woods, the Indian white sandalwood, had been decimated by overexploitation, it had become almost unaffordable and hard to find. Synthetic molecules, although they allow interesting...

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