The Perfumista Project


Participate in a unique sensory adventure:

The creation of Anatole Lebreton’s new fragrance



The Project

For a creative perfumer like Anatole Lebreton, the dialogue with the enthusiasts who wears his creations is a true source of inspiration. And since his entry into the perfume industry, Anatole Lebreton has not ceased to collect the opinion of perfume lovers looking for the “outside the box experiences”.

For the release of his new fragrance, Anatole invites you to take part in his creative journey and to immerse yourself in his perfumer world. Through an initiatory journey at his side, you will discover, step by step, the raw materials used in his new opus, until the unveiling of the final alchemy.

Anatole will guide you through his passion and will accompany you to enter the intimacy of notes, from the choice of raw materials, their nobility, their provenance, to their use in the composition. You will be part of a community of insiders sharing a space where you can interact freely with the perfumer.

By gradually unveiling the secret ingredients of his future fragrance, Anatole Lebreton wishes to shake the designer’s codes and take you with him into his olfactory universe.

Are you ready for the experiment?

Anatole Lebreton offers his new creation for acquisition in pre-sale. You will receive samples of the composition notes during the perfume’s preparation, fabulous natural and synthetic raw materials chosen with care for their beauty and for the emotions they evoke. You will discover the reasons for these choices and you will be able to discuss with the perfumer.

Your imagination will guide you to the final composition, which will seem to please you or perhaps displease you, for an expected revelation at the end of September.

Few creators share the secrets of their art or the making of their product. Yet this is what Anatole Lebreton offers you: to enter into the intimacy of creation.

The Principle

To participate in this olfactory adventure, you need to book your perfume before 7/31/2019 at the pre-sale at a cost of 130 euros, the value of the final perfume.

The whole initiatory journey that follows is offered by the creative perfumer:

Starting August 1st, you will receive in three shipments, various samples of materials that will compose the final fragrance accompanied by a presentation. The perfumer will also animate online discussions, in the form of a dedicated platform for informal meetings..

On September 30, this new fragrance will be unveiled and put on the market. This one will be sent to you.

Be assured that If you do not like it, you can exchange it. To make you fully satisfied, Anatole is committed to replacing it with another fragrance in its range.

Even though Anatole Lebreton would like to share his profession, his passion, with the greatest number, this initiatory course will be restricted to a limited number of participants.

Do not wait to take part in the adventure!

The Perfume


Without revealing too much of the composition and spoiling the surprise of the progressive discovery, Anatole Lebreton’s new opus is a woody floral perfume with fruity and subtly animal accents. A very modern tribute to this genre almost extinct, due to the ban of certain essences, the chypre perfume.

Many of the materials you will discover are among the most expensive and valuable in the perfumer’s palette. The final rendering illustrates the richness of the materials and their generosity by playing on textures. Sometimes like a stole flying in the wind, a breath of freedom. Sometimes like a velvet sliding smoothly on the skin. This new opus is an invitation to slip into a perfumed garment, that asserts your personality.

This perfume is a presence; a presence worn, a wake assumed, a certain idea of elegance and freedom to defy fashions and conventions. What if that was the real luxury?

A unique and unusual experience

It is customary to describe a perfume with an olfactory pyramid, the top being the head notes, the center, the heart notes and the base of the pyramid being the base notes.

This somewhat artificial assemblage that describes the evolution of a perfume is such a promise of escape, an invitation to travel, to enter the intimate world of a fragrance and let yourself dig into it.

Then the proposal is to use our imagination, to be transported by the smell and to be guided to discover in the end if a perfume is speaking to us and offers us a more refined emotion than the first instinctive reaction.

Thus, the head notes that are intended to grab the attention, to surprise sometimes, are only the preliminary of your fragrant journey that will last several hours and will blend with you to sublimate and enhance you. Like a garment, a second skin.

It is all this chemistry that makes a perfume authentic. The creative perfumer composes in a multiple universe alloys, accords with controlled proportion, for the sole purpose that each note sublimates and carries you into a fragrant emotion.