What We’re Putting Out Into The World

I believe perfume is a glimpse into one’s soul,
a subtle hint telling the world a little something about each of us

Feel good about what you put on your skin and into the world,

but even better, because of what you didn’t.

Keeping It Au Naturel 

Illustration Social Responsability

Thinking Outside Of The Box

I’ve cut the cellophane and unnatural packaging out. With the exception of the rubber wrapping the package itself for safety reasons, every box and paper is made from recycled materials and is 100% biodegradable.

Illustration Social Responsability

Cruelty-Free, Always & Forever

My scents have only been tested on one animal – human skin,
namely myself and friends who willingly sample each fragrance,
ensuring that the resulting fragrance is what we deem perfection incarnate.

Illustration Social Responsability

Animal Approved

Every scent I make is free from animal products and vegan.
Bois Lumière is the one exception as it contains beeswax.

Spritz Responsibly

Respecting the wearer and the world around us

Some companies sell perfume.
At Anatole Lebreton, we share a sensory experience rooted in the wonders of the natural world.

From the warm crispness of wood to flowers, nuts, and even seeds, the planet gives us a plethora of scents to play with, but harnessing these essences reminds me of the delicate nature of these resources. Sustainability is at the heart of everything created in our scent labs.

What we are doing

everywhere we can


Sustainable Raw Materials



Green              Chemistry



Biodegradable Materials



99% Recycled Packaging


What we WILL be doing

100% Sustainably Sourced
Raw Materials

100% Recycled,


The Future Of Fragrance

Green Chemistry


Most perfumes use chemicals and substances known to harm people and our planet.
That’s why we’re going green, transitioning to Green Chemistry.

Illustration go green

Prevents Pollution

Develops Synthetic Chemicals, Replacing & Preventing Toxins & Pollution

Earth Friendly

An Earth-Friendly Alternative

Engineers Alternatives To Hazardous Chemicals, Limiting The Demand On Precious Natural Resources

Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

Green Chemistry Uses Far Less Energy



Designed To Disintegrate At The End Of Their Application Rather Than Lingering To Affect The Environment

Spray The Love

Change Is In The Air

For every full-sized bottle of perfume purchased
We’ll plant a tree, honoring the world we live in by giving back