It’s more than a fragrance, it’s you!

A special fragrance

Tired of perfumes that look alike, that lack personality, long-lasting, elegance? Tired of obeying fashions, receiving advice, being told what to do, what to wear? Do you want more passion, foly, freedom, independence?

For a special person

Before being a perfumer Anatole Lebreton is passionate and that’s what he wants to share, the excitement that hold you when you spray a perfume, like a suit you wear, knowing that you will spend the next few hours in his company. And that this unique moment must accompany you throughout the day.

Are you Perfumista?

This new opus is an invitation to affirm one’s personality.

Perfumista puts the fragrance’s wearer back at the center of the creation. It’s a perfume that says thank you. Thank you to the passionate people who support me, who believe in me. Thank you for wearing perfume and embellishing the world with your scents!

The luxury of being yourself

Anatole Lebreton created Perfumista to share his passion with passionate people, without calculation.

What if this was true luxury: The freedom to challenge fashions and conventions, to be oneself? Simply express one’s personality, one’s eccentricity and authenticity.

A woody floral scent with fruity accents

The fragrance is built around a woody rose accord that serves as a common thread. The Bulgarian rose essence, lively and sparkling, combines harmoniously with a round and soft patchouli, for a heart full of elegance. The accord is orned with Indian jasmine that accentuates the flowery aura and with Virginia cedar for a velvety woody base; fruity notes of pear and plum brighten the head. The perfume lets express the raw materials’ richness and generosity by playing on the textures. Sometimes like a stole flying in the wind, a breath of freedom. Sometimes like velvet that slides smoothly on the skin.

Olfactory atmosphere

Pear, Plum, Raspberry

Bulgarian Rose, Indian Jasmin, Patchouli

Virginy Cerdarwood, Peru Balsam, Musk

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