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The vivacity of bright lemon illuminates the top notes. White lilac, then lily of the valley blossom and form a fresh and airy heart, crisp and crunchy. The base is muskier, soft and delicate. A tender, cute fragrance, all of carefree and spring joy.


An intimate fragrance, which provides a sense of calm presence. The deep, earthy roots of vetiver and cypriol are tempered by the roundness of iris, the freshness of celery, and the gentle, childlike joy of chamomile.


Like a caravel loaded with spices and precious woods following an imaginary road, embark on a long journey with Fleur Cachée, the legendary vanilla.


First, the smells of fields, lavender, basil, fill the room. Then smokes of incense that ascend and make the writing of the book with faded gildings and corners yellowed by salivated fingers dance. A mystical perfume.


The flesh of the tuberose engages in a dance, or is it a duel?, with the dry leather and they both stretch out onto a mossy bed. The animalic share in both mirror each other and intertwine in a bold and sensual embrace. A carnal, inebriating perfume, that is over the top, scandalously.


The essence of Bulgarian rose, lively and sparkling, combines with a round and soft patchouli for a heart full of elegance. The accord is adorned with Indian jasmine and Virginia cedar for a velvety woody, fruity notes of pear and plum brighten up the head.


A sirocco of immortelle flowers that blows on the skin for hours. It is a story of a tanned body and a blazing landscape, of dazzling light to make the eyes squint, which flows like thick honey and spreads over a languid woodland.


A vegetal poem on a dry hay bed. The perfume of a childhood spent running around in meadows, venturing through the deep mossy woods and the mysterious moors of the Breton countryside.


A puff of bright powder on amber and vanilla taffetas. Old-fashioned lipstick, loose powder, golden cases, the cosmetic discovery by rummaging through my mother's handbag.


A composition around ylang-ylang, like an empress lounging in an imaginary garden: carrot flower, geranium, "night beauty", hyacinth complete the exotic picture.

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